The best way to contact us is by TEXTING us at 615-637-9090.

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Covid Testing Specialist

One Stop Family Clinic

Family Practice & Walk-In Clinic located in Murfreesboro, TN

Covid Testing

ALERT: Because of the high number of COVID-19 cases, we have had to implement different procedures. If you are sick our providers ALWAYS recommend Covid testing. All sick patients and patients exposed to Covid will be seen via TELEHEALTH to limit exposure to our employees. We do have some rapid tests available. If you want the rapid test you need to pay for it BEFORE you come to the clinic and it is $45; also, there will be 2 swabs. The rapid test are only for sick patients within 7 days of illness or less. If the rapid test is negative a second swab will be sent to the lab. If you have been closely exposed to COVID-19, the CDC recommends (send out) testing on days 3-5 even if you are feeling ok regardless of if you have been vaccinated or not.

We are a small clinic trying to offer a big service to our community. The best way to obtain an appointment with us is by texting 615-637-9090; you will drive up behind the clinic and park in a parking spot to get your swab completed. The telehealth visit may be done before or after your appointment; depending on provider availability. We are taking longer than normal to respond to voicemails, portal messages, and text messages. Please be patient with us.

We will have a form to complete before you come to the clinic on your device & this and insurance and ID must be furnished ASAP after the appointment is made. Otherwise, you risk our appointment being cancelled.

If you prefer to be seen in person we can schedule that separately after your appointment once your COVID test comes back. If you are very sick or having chest pains we recommend you go to the Emergency Department rather than be seen via TELEHEALTH.