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Your Clinic's Fight Against Covid-19

Welcome to the official One Stop Family Clinic blog! As we draw closer to the end of 2020, your local healthcare workers would like to offer you some information and tips on how to stay safe. In these unprecedented times, it is vitally important to know the facts about your health and wellbeing. So you might be wondering, what exactly is the Coronavirus, and why is it so dangerous? 

Coronavirus is actually a family of viruses that predate the global pandemic. Covid-19 is a particular strand of this virus family that has been genetically traced back to China. As a virus that heavily colonizes in the respiratory tract, transmission often occurs through contact with virile droplets of body fluid from the sneezes, coughs, and spit of infected individuals. The CDC lists the following symptoms as indicators of possible COVID-19 infection.

If you or a loved one begin to show any of the symptoms listed above, it is vitally important that you avoid all contact with others and present for a visit at a local testing facility.

We have been working tirelessly to offer COVID testing as efficiently as possible. In addition, we will continue to correspond with our testing supply providers and lab facilities to ensure patients receive their results quickly and correctly. As recommended by the CDC, local citizens should practice social distancing which simply means standing 6 feet apart from others whenever possible. Rutherford County also reinstated its face-covering mandate on October 28th, 2020. Avoid large indoor gatherings if possible and opt to spend time with your healthy friends and family out in the sunshine. Dietary supplements such as Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C also help boost the immune system in its fight against infection. Follow us on Facebook to see our team members fight for the health of our Middle Tennessee community.  

Shelbi Ball Shelbi is an administrative assistant at One Stop Family Clinic.